Easivid will produce high quality videos for you from just £400 each as all you have to pay for is the editing!

You can choose between: studio-based videos presented by a professional presenter or a spokesman from your company; high impact, fast-moving motion-graphics videos (perfect for social media); and 'on-location' videos (such as case studies and client testimonials) which you can film yourself after attending our FREE video production masterclass.

Our FREE Masterclass condenses our 30 years of production experience into a singe day and covers filming on a smartphone or DSLR, professional lighting, sound recording as a host of great production tips. This course along with our other free services are available to anyone that commits to us editing for them at least one video a month for just £400 per program.

If you prefer we can come and do the video filming for you from just £400 per day.

Together we’ll be able to generate a steady stream of affordable, high impact videos for your website, major social media platforms, your e-commerce store or e-learning courses.