FREE Video Production Services

Those customers who enter into an annual contract for us to edit a promotional video at least monthly for just £400 per program will benefit from all of these impressive FREE services.

FREE One Day Video Filming Training Course

These highly informative one day courses will show you how to film professional videos using a mobile phone or DSLR camera. We also address essential pre-production preparation, scripting, shot composition, lighting, professional sound recording and some tips on how to get the maximum amount of viewers. The courses are held in London and Kent but we are preparing a video-based learning package for those not able to attend. The course will give you the skills needed to film interviews and other relevant footage that can be used in your video to save you the expense of hiring a camera operator.

FREE Motion Graphics Animation

We will produce a stunning motion graphics sequence for you, using a choice of templates, which can be used as an opening to your video or as the format for your entire short-form videos. We can vary the images and titles in this template for each video we produce.

FREE Logo Animation

We will produce an impressive animation of your logo for you to use in your videos. Please supply us with you logo as an Adobe Illustrator or an eps file.

FREE Presenter or VoiceOver

You can choose whether to have one of our presenters in vision during your Video or you may prefer just to use bullet points and imagery with a voiceover. Whichever you choose the presenter or voice over will be supplied free of charge.

FREE Use of our Studio and Cameraman

Our green-screen studios are equipped with a broadcast camera, LED lighting panels, professional microphones and an autocue with operator. All of these facilities are available for you to use free of charge for 20 minutes to film our presenters or a member of your staff for every video we edit for you.

FREE access to our Stock Video, Photo and Music Libraries

If you are short of suitable video images or photos for your video we will search our libraries to see if there is anything suitable that can be used. We will also find copyright-free music soundtracks for your program.

You can enjoy all of these FREE video production services when you enter into our annual contract to edit at least one video a month.

Please be aware that these services are only available for the Videos that we are editing for you.